Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've been busy playing nurse

HI Ladies,
I haven't been able to stamp much since Christmas. My mom came from Florida to visit us the 2nd week of December and after just a few days here she fell and broke her arm/wrist in 2 places. She had surgery the same night and had pins and a rod put in her arm. (I posted some pics below of her arm) She has been here with us in FRIGID north since then . We've enjoyed having her here to visit, but I know she ready to go home. She misses her independence. She has an appointment tomorrow with her orthopedic surgeon, please pray for her to have a full recovery, the Dr told us she may not have full range of motion in her wrist, get carpel tunnel, and arthritis. It is her right hand and she is right handed. We should be scheduling her next surgery tomorrow to have all the hardware removed. Please keep her in your prayers, her name is Linda.
She is also worried about her Tupperware business, she is Tupperware manager and has had to leave her downline to fend for themselves, a couple she recruited the week before she came here. Plus she hasn't been able to have any of her own sales. I told everyone I would list her website for my friends in case anyone is interested in ordering any Tupperware