Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Long Weekend

Sorry it has taken me so long to post these pictures of the centerpieces and party favors from the baby shower. We had a busy weekend, starting with the babyshower on Saturday for my sister in law. Then all of the out of town family came to our house, which we really enjoy having them, the probelm was though we already had 6 out of town guests staying at our house. Now my family is 7 people, out of town guest is 6 people, and my inlaws were 8 people; this gave us a grand total of 21 people (13 of them children, the oldest being 12 yr old and the youngest 3 weeks old). The inlaws didn't stay the night and left after a couple hours so we then ate a late dinner. Alot more happened all weekend but I won't bore you with the all details. Here are the pictures from the shower. The little box holds 3 hershey nuggets, we decorated the nuggets too.

There are little ribbons tied to the sides of the clothesline, they kind of got cut off in the picture. I took the picture after the shower and this is the
best one.

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